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Buying a gun of your choice through gun sale online is simple and easy than you could ever imagine. Online gun stores have the most types of firearms of all calibers similar to those you could ever find from a local gun store. Also, they offer accessories and parts for most guns. Reputable online gun stores are known to deliver guns within reasonable timelines as agreed with their customers. 

Buying guns online is a legal process, but you ought to follow all guidelines outlined by the federal laws and state regulations.

Why should you buy a gun online? Online gun retailers have relatively lower prices compared to local gun stores. That could save your pocket a few dollars. Finally, you will have various guns to select from, unlike local gun stores where they might have fewer firearms options for sale. 

Do you wish to know about the best weapons through Gun sale online? Let’s find out!

Gun Categories

Guns are grouped into three main categories, that include rifles, handguns, and shotguns. Now, let’s look into the specific characteristics of each of the above categories. 


Shotguns are usually fired using two hands and from the shoulder position. They have a long barrel and smooth bore that is vital in friction decrease. Also, the bore is made to accommodate one particular gauge of ammunition. 

It’s unique how a shotgun can fire multiple projectiles at once by pulling the trigger once. However, it not necessarily a machine gun but its ammunition, i.e., a shell comprised of multiple shot pellets. 

Shotguns are subject toNFA, and it required that a barrel measure less than 18 inches and the overall length of the firearm be less than 26 inches.

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A handgun is a gun designed to shoot using one hand and mainly characterized by a short barrel. Firearms are further categorized into 2: pistols and revolvers. 


1. Pistols

 It has a chamber that is an integral part of the permanently aligned bore. Also, A short stock meant to be gripped by one hand at an angle below the bore line is included.



2. Revolvers

The revolver is a pistol-type weapon with a breechloading chambered cylinder. It is arranged so that the cocking of the hammer or the trigger movement facilitates its rotation. Concisely, the next bullet comes in line with the barrel for shooting. 


A Rifle is designed to fire from the shoulder and use both hands for better support. It utilizes explosive energy and shoots a round each time you pull the trigger.

ATF characterizes a rifle’s barrel length to be less than 16 inches and the overall size as less than 26 inches. Also, short-barreled rifles should measure the length of fewer than 16 inches. 

Rifles have thick walls to withstand high pressure and have a high accuracy over long extended distances. Gun sale online has been a revelation since it’s inception.



Pistols : Excellence In It’s Own Way

Best Pistols to Buy

The Beretta 92FS

The Beretta 92FS

The Beretta 92 FS proved reliability for many decades in different conditions around the globe. It’s a heavy-duty pistol with low recoil and excellent design. 

It has an adequate magazine capacity of 17 rounds, and it’s easy to maintain. 

The Colt 1911 is also a good option for a pistol with closely similar advantages as the above two discussed pistols. 

Glock 19(Compact)

Glock 19(Compact)

There are several reasons you should consider the Glock 19. It’s one of the most preferred concealed carry available in the market.

  • The Glock 19 is a reliable pistol that covers a great range with accuracy while shooting. 
  • It’s ergonomically designed hence making it even a better option even for beginners.
  • Its counterpart, the Glock 17 (full), is another option to think through due to its effectiveness and efficiency. 

Rifles : The Symbol Of Perfection

Best Rifles to Buy

Colt LE6920

Colt LE6920

It’s an AR-style rifle that suits all tactical shooting and home defense purposes. The Colt LE6920 is accurate, and its reliability is not questionable. As long its maintained, it will run for long without any issue even after shooting more than 6,000 rounds of ammunition. 

It’s a Rifle worth your investment that accommodates a 30-round magazine and adjustable stocks. 

Century International Arms Red Army RAS 47

Century International Arms Red Army RAS 47

Century Arms is an American company known to produce reliable AK-47s. The Red Army RAS47 is an affordable rifle. It has a classic appearance of a typical AK-47 whereby it the stock and the front is made of wood. However, polymer grips decrease the weight of the weapon. 

AK-47s are known to have fewer malfunctions even when not maintained. Also, the sights are enhanced to be adjustable. Among other incredible features include chrome steel barrel, T-shaped magazine release, and improved safety selector notch. 

Shotguns : Style Redefined

Best Shotgun to Buy

Mossberg 500 Series

Mossberg 500 Series

The Mossberg 500 has been in service for over ten decades and still stand out among other shotguns. It’s a six rounds capacity pump-action shotgun. Its shell is a 12 Gauge. 

It easily accommodates most upgrades you can think of a shotgun. The Mossberg 500 is a reliable weapon best for both tactical shooting and hunting. Finally, it’s not highly-priced. 

Remington 870

Remington 870

It has an 18.5 inches barrel, front rifle sight, and a capacity of 6+1 rounds. The Remington 870 features an excellent design. Also, it’s the ultimate reliable and durable shotgun of all time. 

Like the Mossberg 500, this shotgun has proved to be one of the best in hunting and tactical shooting. Finally, its price is slightly lower than that of the Mossberg 500; hence it’s affordable. 

Revolvers : Smooth As You Know It

Best Revolver to Buy

Ruger GP 100

Ruger GP 100

Are you looking for a smooth revolver with an ergonomic design? The Ruger GP100 is what you need.

The dependability and accuracy of this revolver are also on point. 

The Ruger GP 100 usually comes in various calibers with varying capacity of six to seven rounds.

Smith & Wesson 686

Smith & Wesson 686

The S&M 686 is a high performing and powerful revolver to buy. It’s a stainless handgun that comes in 2 versions of a barrel of 4inches and 6 inches.

If you are looking for accuracy while shooting a revolver, the 686 is the choice. 

It’s also a highly customizable revolver of all time. Finally, it comes in other improved versions, such as the S&M 686 Plus and the S&M 686 Performance Center. Instead of going in person, you can prefer Gun sale online services.

How To Buy A Gun Online?

Buying a gun online is an easy and straightforward thing to do. How do you do it? 

    1. Find a gun you want to buy online from different online gun stores. You may also compare prices to and select what suits your budget.
    2. Decide which FFL or merely a local gun store you want the gun to be shipped to. You may also establish communication between the online store and the FFL to facilitate more accessible shipping arrangements.NOTE: Unlike other products bought online, a gun cannot be delivered to your doorstep. 
    3. Go ahead and pay for the selected gun as you await the delivery, which will take a certain period depending on your residence.
    4. Once the gun has arrived, you will go to that particular gun store in person. You are required to fill your paperwork that entails a form 4473 and also complete the background check. 
    5. Then, pay the fee for the service to the FFL. How much they charge varies from one store to another. 
    6. If you passed your background check, you are free to take your gun with you. 

Refer to the steps above to get great ideas. 

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